Post Surgical Rehabilitation

At PMT we work in close coordination with your doctor for your post surgical rehabilitation. 

Following the latest protocols for joint repairs and replacements. 

Balance Training and Vestibular Rehab

Falls are one of the most common cause of injury with our population.  The Berg Balance  and "Up and Go" test are used to assess where your needs are and show progress to you and your pysician.

At PMT we use the WII Fit program as well as dynamic training. The WII Fit has been successfully integrated into the clinic setting allowing physical therapist to challenge patient's balance performace and document progress.  As well as being effective, it is fun!

Vestibular Rehab

Some forms of dizziness may be due to problems in the inner ear.  Therapists are trained to perform maneuvers that reposition crystals within the ear canals relieving the symptoms.  Kerrie Robison, PT is our resident vestibular rehab specialist.

Chronic and Degenerative conditions

Life takes in toll on our joints.  We want to keep you as active and independent as you desire.  Evaluation by a physical therapist allows us to develop a strengthening, stabilizing and stretching program that will maximize your function and minimize your pain.

Post Stroke Rehab

Strength, balance, function and endurance are all aspects that need to be addressed after having a stroke.  In physical therapy we progress your program in the clinic and update your home program. 

Maintenance program

Once you have been evaluated by one of our physical therapists and are indepnedent with your exercise program you may join our Maintenance Program.  $30 per month allows you use our clinic equipment at  your convenience during clinic hours.  This is a great way to maximize your gains from Physical Therapy.

    Wii-Fit used in Physical Therapy