The BACKtoGOLF program was developed by Bud Ferrante, PT, OCS.  Bud has combined his physical therapy training and love of golf into a program to maximize the body’s ability to meet the needs of the complex “golf swing”.  Bud has worked with PGA/Champions Tour players for years at the Pebble Beach AT&T Nathional ProAM, The Callaway Golf Pebble Invitational, and many other private tournaments.  He shares the techniques and insights he has gained from his vast experience with physical therapists eager to bring the BACKtoGOLF program to their clinics.  Pine Mountain Therapy’s lead therapist Kerrie Robison has completed the training program and is bringing it to our mountain community.

The BacktoGolf program focuses on :

Flexibility - The key areas that should be flexible, and the areas that should be stable.
Strength - The importance of strength, what is important & how to achieve it. The neurology of exercise as related to a complex movement, the Neuroplasticity of exercise training.
Balance - How test for the golf swing, how to specifically train it. A different and effective approach.
Coordination - What makes the golf swing effective, key insights to coordination of hands, shoulders, hips

From the creators of the BacktoGolf program:

"From this perspective you will be able to apply exercises that mirror the golf swing to accelerate  motor control and create a golf performance program based on the biomechanics of the golf swing. These are new concepts that many of the PGA Tour players use, provided in a format for the recreational golfer, who is one of your target audiences.   You will learn how to train and improve the golf swing movement of the amateur, recreational golfer, high and low handicap golfer," Bud Ferrante, PT, OCS

The BACKtoGOLF program also provides insight to golf related injuries, management of joint replacements and senior golfers.

BACK to GOLF is a private pay program.  Please contact us at Pine Mountain Therapy for details. 

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