Avoiding Back and Neck Pain

One of the most common things we treat at PMT is neck and back pain.  These ailments also account for a huge percentage of the healthcare dollars spent on therapy.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple solution for prevention and even treatment.  There really is!

Our spine is designed to support the weight of our head and body with the vertebrae stacked on top of each other like blocks.  The natural curve of the spine, slightly convex at chest level and concave at low back gives the vertebrae the ability to distribute the force of gravity equally through at each level.  As soon as we move out of this alignment the forces focus on a few key areas, the neck, between our shoulder blades and at the low back. 

It starts with the head shifting forward as we read, work on the computer, drive etc.  Then the shoulders round forward following the weight of our head, next the low back arches to try to balance and you are on the slippery slope to pain. So, here’s the trick:

  1. Straighten your spine from the base up, pull belly button to spine
  2. Shoulders roll back and down
  3. Tuck your chin bringing your ears back over your shoulders
Use something to cue you. Every time you stand up start by tightening your tummy. When you’re on the computer pull your shoulders back.  When you’re in the car bring your head back against the head rest

Healthy habits can start really small and make a huge difference.  Don’t wait until the pain is severe, start making changes now.   For more information talk to your therapist. We’re right down the street.

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