Healthy Habits Blog

  • Playing To Improve Balance

    Balance is an important part of remaining active and preventing falls. Unfortunately it is yet another thing that becomes a challenge as we age.   Loss of balance is the primary factor in falls, fear of falling, changes in walking habits, and limiting activity. 


    Good balance is dependent on sensory input from the eyes, inner ear function, posture, strength, and our ability to sense the position and movement in our feet, legs and arms. That may sound like a lot of things to work on at once, but the way our mind and body is wired there are some simple ways to maintain good balance through our lifetime.

    One is to remain active!  Whenever you move your motor and … more

  • Get Wet! The benefits of water exercise


    In therapy we often hear from our patients how hard it is to get started back into exercise, especially if you have painful joints limiting your mobility.  One answer is to “get wet”!  The water helps to support your body weight, taking the stress off your joints.

    Exercising in water has been shown to decrease stiffness, swelling and pain, and to increase mobility, strength and function of muscles and joints.  The water environment improves cardiovascular endurance, circulation and respiration.  Water based exercise is so effective that it is used by professional athletes and NASA for cross training.

    Another benefit of exercising in the water is … more

  • Avoiding Back and Neck Pain

    One of the most common things we treat at PMT is neck and back pain.  These ailments also account for a huge percentage of the healthcare dollars spent on therapy.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple solution for prevention and even treatment.  There really is!

    Our spine is designed to support the weight of our head and body with the vertebrae stacked on top of each other like blocks.  The natural curve of the spine, slightly convex at chest level and concave at low back gives the vertebrae the ability to distribute the force of gravity equally through at each level.  As soon as we move out of this alignment the forces focus on a few key areas, the … more


    The BACKtoGOLF program was developed by Bud Ferrante, PT, OCS.  Bud has combined his physical therapy training and love of golf into a program to maximize the body’s ability to meet the needs of the complex “golf swing”.  Bud has worked with PGA/Champions Tour players for years at the Pebble Beach AT&T Nathional ProAM, The Callaway Golf Pebble Invitational, and many other private tournaments.  He shares the techniques and insights he has gained from his vast experience with physical therapists eager to bring the BACKtoGOLF program to their clinics.  Pine Mountain Therapy’s lead therapist Kerrie Robison has completed the training program and is … more

  • 'Back Schools' for a Healthy Community

    PMT offers back safety education for the businesses and residents of our community.  Julie is an IMPACC certified trainer and has a background in industrial rehab providing back education and safety training programs in Hawaii. Leah is trained by the Atlanta Back School.  Both certifications follow OSHA guidlines for safety training. 

    To schedule or learn more about our back school program please contact us through the web site or call the clinic at 209-962-4035.